Who is this Jax person?

I am a blue dot in a very red state. A New Yorker transplanted in Alabama. A 3° Alexandrian Witch in the Bible Belt. A Buddhist, yogi, tree-hugging dirt worshipper surrounded by evangelicals and southern Baptists. A liberal (although really rather moderate in contrast to some) in a sea of “conservatives”. EDIT as of 2020: Yeah…not very moderate anymore. I’m downright RADICAL motherfuckers. When I wrote this in 2016, I thought I was a good little liberal. I was a pissed off, blue dot in a red state. Now after all the bullshit, after learning how to be an ANTI-RACIST, an intersectional feminist and not just a white ally, I’ve learned to be a lot better. I’ve been arrested, thrown on the ground, had three policemen on my back, my cane taken from me and unable to breathe because I dared protect #BLACKLIVES. FUCK liberal thought. Fuck being nice. Fuck 12, especially Hoover, AL.

Pagan. Kinky. LGBTQIA 2020 edit: Ace. Thank you very much. (but don’t put me in a box because I love who I love and what they have in their pants doesn’t matter.) Ashkenazi Jew on both sides, Latinx. Feminist. Humanist. Animal advocate – especially for pit bulls. I rescue the dogs other people throw away.  Now I seem to take in senior chihuahuas. Who knew?

I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, trichotillomania, major depression disorder, and am a suicide survivor.  I’m SS disability, which means I’m also one of those “throw away” people.

I used to be a very active public pagan but now…well…look where I am. I used to keep my mouth shut (well, not really) but then my country decided to have a collective circle jerk and I am pissed off. Congratulations, you woke the sleeping mama lion. Welcome to my blog, where I shall rail against the fascist establishment while I still have the freedom to do so. And talk about my crazy. Because hey…it’s my blog. I can do what I want!

2020 edit: #BlackLivesMatter #DefundthePolice #ReformthePolice #HospiceDogsMatter

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