A Nice Daydream

via Gina St. Phillips, a Nasty Pantsuited Woman

I’ve been having a wonderful daydream in which President Obama invites President Elect Trump and Melania Trump to live at the White House as his guests for a week, during which time Donald Trump remains at Obama’s side every moment he is on the job. At the end of that time, Trump has a rare moment of self-awareness and realizes there is no way in hell he can do this job. Trump resigns, Melania sighs in relief (and spends the next six months at a spa in a cloister), and Mike Pence becomes President Elect,
but then….

Mike Pence is caught meeting with his gay lover who is also a skilled and compassionate doctor (with terrible taste in men) who performs life-saving emergency abortions, and Pence resigns like the hypocrite he is, thereby making Paul Ryan President Elect, but then…

Paul Ryan is caught with Anthony Weiner attempting to expose themselves at a child’s birthday party, (which would have been traumatizing for the kids if it weren’t for the fast thinking of a clown who quickly covered the offending areas with balloon animals). Giggling hysterically while his booking photos are taken, Paul Ryan resigns, thereby making Orrin Hatch President Elect, but then…

Orrin Hatch takes a long look around and says, “to heck with this mess, I’m retiring,” thereby making John Kerry President Elect.

Immediate crisis averted.

Four years later…

John Kerry chooses not to seek the nomination of the Democratic party for a second term and in a rout against Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman to be President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump opens Trumpland Amusement Park (using Chinese steel and undocumented Mexican workers) but he has to sell the project to Disney in order to pay off his debt to the IRS.

Melania Trump writes an original best-selling novel called “Scruples.”

Mike Pence divorces, marries the doctor, and together they tour the country in support of a progressive agenda.

Paul Ryan still insists his rhinoceros was larger than Anthony Weiner’s giraffe.

Orrin Hatch golfs in a league with President Obama.

EDIT: I’m overwhelmed by all the positive feedback, thank you Pantsuit Nation! Some of you have asked to share this off the group. I hereby give blanket permission with credit, and I really appreciate the courtesy! – Gina

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