Leave Melania Alone!

*cue Chris Crocker crying*

I might not like what’s coming for my country, but the one thing you will NOT see me do is shame our new First Lady for her past career.

HER body. HER choice. (Hopefully, all of it was her choice and none of it was forced as so many young girls and women were forced to do behind the Iron Curtain.)

We who are left-of-center fight for women’s autonomy over their bodies, yeah? Which means we can do with them what we want? It’s more than abortion and birth control rights, folks. It’s also the right to have sex with whom we want – whether that be with a partner or for money (by HER choice).

She is and was a beautiful woman with a beautiful figure, who made money using that beauty. And I will not stand idly by and allow anyone to slut shame her for doing it, especially those liberals who have been defending the disgusting comments made about Michelle Obama and are now attacking Melania.

The ONLY thing Melania has done that makes me question her is her choice in husbands. She obviously has very poor judgement in men and that’s something she and I share. Hell, we also share posing nude for money. (!!!) She just kept her figure and looks, while I got fat. 😛


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