No, really?

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of “I told you so’s” coming.

Can’t say you weren’t warned.

I’ve known that since the beginning. Anyone who knows Trump knows that.

People seem to forget I’m a New Yorker. I KNOW him. I wasn’t against him simply because he was a Republican candidate — I’m registered Democrat now only so I could vote in the primaries but I’m really an Independent and quite moderate at that. I’ve actually cast my vote for Republicans whose ideals more aligned with my own.

But Trump? Nope. I know him too well. Known him all my life. I’ve seen what he does ALL MY LIFE.

And he pulled the wool over the eyes of every single person that voted for him. Every one of them. Talked to the “common man”. FFS, people. He’s not one of you! He’s the very epitome of what you’ve been fighting against your entire lives!

Stupidity at it’s finest.

And *I* was called ignorant. Imagine that. At least I paid my own way through college. Yep. I did that. All by myself, thank you very much. — that’s pretty damned Libertarian of me, dontcha think?

I read articles and opinions written by non-US news sources and some conservatively-based sources to get my information – all of whom endorsed Clinton (some while gritting their teeth, but because they knew Trump was ruinous for our country). I don’t go to Infowars or Breitbart or Fox News or CNN or MSNBC or even the left-liberal media for my more truthful reporting. “Ignorant” they called me.

I lived in NY pre- and post- 9/11 with both Giuliani as Mayor and Clinton as Senator. I KNOW how they govern. Trump made millions off the victims. “Ignorant” they called me.

I shall try not to rub it in their faces because they will be suffering. But I will be suffering more – -and they did this to me. So I shall TRY to be the bigger person but I am still but human even though I work to be enlightened.

“Ignorant” I was called. Can you believe that?


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