Non-Racist Trump Supporters



Sarah Gailey on Twitter made some great points during her Tweet-storm. Here it is, in one block to make it easier for those that can’t follow tweets.

I have a word for the Trump supporters who are telling me that they are not racist. That they don’t support racism. I believe you. 1

 Here’s the thing, though: a lot of racists, white supremacists, neo-nazis, and klansmen voted for Trump. You know this to be true. 2
They are feeling empowered by his election. They are feeling emboldened. They are hurting people. 3
So, if you are a Trump supporter and you are not a racist, and you do not support racism, you have a job to do. 4
When you see someone threatening or intimidating a Person of Color, it is YOUR JOB to intervene. It is your responsibility. 5
When you hear someone say something racist – even a joke, even something small – it’s your job to tell them that you do not approve of it. 6
I believe you: you’re not a racist. So you might not know this abt racists. If someone they agree w corrects them theyre likely to listen. 7
If you say to your friend who also voted for your candidate: “hey, you shouldn’t say that about black people” – they’ll listen to you. 8
If you are not a racist and you do not support racism, you have a job right now. And it’s to prove it. It’s to speak up. 9
Your job now is to show the people who think all Trump supporters are racists that it’s not true. It’s to prove ‘em wrong. 10
Your job is to educate yourself abt people of color and their communities. It’s to defend POC from myths that racists like to propagate. 11
Your job is to intervene on behalf of people who are being attacked. It’s to believe their stories, and stand with them against hatred. 12
I believe you: you’re not a racist. If that shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. If you see other people wearing the shoe, condemn it. 13
This is your job. If you want unity, earn the trust of the people you say you do not hate. They have good reason to fear you right now. 14
People who look like you and who wear your same hat are spitting on them, spraying swastikas on their cars, threatening to kill them. 15
You have to earn their trust. You have to prove that you are not who they fear you are. You are strong enough to do that. 16
Go out & do good. I know you can. I know you will. I believe in you. I believe you can do good work in the world. Please prove me right. 15
My additions: This also goes for those attacking women, Muslims, the disabled and anyone else that has been made a target by the hate espoused by Trump and his legions. If you are really not one of the ones that supported his platform of hate:


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