Where did my country go?

Some of these early posts are re-prints of my FB posts. I’ve been told I should blog so people can choose to click on the blog to read what I have to say rather than scroll on by.

Well. I woke up to a country that voted to take away the rights of LGBTQ (and electrocute the gay out of them); that thinks it’s ok to shoot first and ask questions later; to rape and sexually assault women; bankrupt and defraud small business owners; deport those with brown skin; and celebrates hate.

All because they’re so afraid of the great big “other”.

Well folks – now you’ve shown me what you think of me. A sexual assault survivor, Latinx, Jew, disabled, queer non-Christian.

I weep for my country.

And more importantly, I’m not sure I have it within me to forgive what those who purport to “love” me have done to me. When it gets even worse than it already is, will you gloat or extend a hand? I fear I already know the answer to that too.

ETA 1:06 pm Central time:
Fuck it. I’ve changed my mind. I just can’t. I was going to try and see their POV, try and see past our differences of opinion because it’s “politics”. But this isn’t just “politics”. This is personal. I was going to “be the bigger person” and not toss people out of my life because they voted for Trump but you know what … I am. You voted not just for policies (which haven’t actually been laid out, btw). You voted not against Hillary, if that’s why you did it. If it had been ANY OTHER GOP candidate, I’d be cool. As I have been in every other election. But not this one.

You voted FOR:

– overt racism and hostility toward minorities.
– religion being weaponized.
– disregard for women and the loss over their bodily autonomy
– disregard for LGBTQ and the loss of their human rights
– disregard for the disabled
– the open call to bully those who disagree into submission, violently and without repercussion
– the KKK to be given legitimacy

Some of you — I’ve loved you for a long time and my heart is utterly broken that you think so little of me and mine that you blatantly want to see me and those like me tossed out like garbage.

And now…you have no one to blame but yourselves. The entire country will be run by the GOP so you can’t even point fingers at a Democrat for doing anything. It’s ALL on YOU. I hope you’re happy. And I hope that none of the sturm and drung comes to pass…but I had little hope in the first place and even less now.

Trump voters — see your way out. There’s no room for those that support hate in my life in any form or fashion. There is only room for love, and right now — I don’t have enough to go around you. BYE.


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