It’s Decided

I deactivated my main Facebook profile for a few days, as I really needed to get away from all the vitriol and noise. I have one that’s for managing my business page, and it has a few friends on it and I still have my Twitter account so it’s not been quiet per se — I just haven’t seen a lot of the back-and-forth between my liberal friends angry about all of Trump’s latest appointments to his Reichstag and the conservatives decrying “…whites discriminated against almost daily just for being white.” (I…can’t…even…)

So while it’s been quieter, it’s not been utterly silent. What HAS been silent are those conservative “friends” that voted for Trump for reasons other than the hateful parts of his platform. Not a word. I don’t see any of them decrying his appointments of white supremacists, or speaking out against the utter corruption being unearthed daily as he goes about mixing corporate business with National business.

The silence is deafening. Every day, my country is looking more and more like a modern recreation of Nazi Germany and the enablers are silent or worse — cheering for it or acting as if THEY are the ones being oppressed. It stops now.

I’ve made up my mind. All contact with those that voted for Trump and continue to support this incoming administration, either by overtly supporting it or by remaining silent enablers are out of my life for good. I cannot in good conscience keep them even at arms’ length — not because of rescue, or because I’ve known them for a long time or because I might need them for some reason. I don’t use people — if I have a need, I will find someone whose values and beliefs support me, not oppress me and pay/use their services instead. If my very very small business suffers, so be it. It’s called Collar KARMA for a reason and I refuse to stain that Karma by purposefully ignoring fascism just so I can make a dollar or two.

So — here’s your chance, “friends”. Say something.  Send a text, a PM, call me. Send me a smoke signal. Tell me you are just as horrified by what you’re seeing and you’re willing to fight and defend me and those targeted by the new Fourth Reich. You’ll be forgiven the mistake of making this tyrant our next President, if you fight the tyranny he attempts to put in place of our American values.

And for those that are saying, “You’re willing to let politics end friendships?” Yes, yes I am. Because a difference of opinion in how I view our country’s economy or education or military spending or college tuition is politics.  What’s going on right now and in the immediate future is beyond politics. It’s a fundamental difference in worldviews and values and MY right to live as a human being.  That’s definitely a friendship-ending kind of difference, y’think?




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