JUST when you thought 2017 was going to try and make up for the shitstain that 2016 was….the last coupla days happened. Some teenagers in Chicago tortured a disabled person chanting ethnic slurs and “Fuck Trump” (I’m leaving their color out of it – it doesn’t matter – it’s a hate crime no matter what color THEIR skin is). A mass shooting in a Florida airport today. It’s supposed to snow/sleet/ice/RAGNAROK in Alabama so the whole state is in a frenzy, the schools and banks and everything closed and I walked outside to….nothing. 
The PEOTUS (which is so close to piteous it really should be spelled that way) is Twitterbating  about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on TV rather than taking intelligence briefings. The GOP congress has made its first attempt to repeal the ACA without a replacement. Oh, and defunding Planned Parenthood is next. They only scrapped their plan to gut the independent ethics committee after a bajillion constituents made a lot of noise about not — not the Twit-in-charge as he’d like you to believe. And the US is still thisclose to being annexed by Russia.
Yeah. Ain’t it a great day to be alive. Actually, yes it is. You’re here. You’re breathing. You’re feeling the feelings you’re feeling. You mad? You should be. You sad? You should be. You think the whole world’s gone crazy? You’re right. This is all a fucking dungheap of insane douchebaggery, I can’t even come up with any more words to try and explain it anymore. It’s like the Universe took a sharp left turn at Albuquerque and went to some alternate dimension filled with negative images of  decent people where our leaders should be.
So what do we that are still sane, rational (we think), compassionate, caring and hopeful (we hope) do?
Hell if I know. I’m asking the questions here, don’t look to me for answers. All I know is that I’m going to continue breathing, working through my feelings and trying to turn those destructive forces into productive actions. I’m angry at what is happening — but whining about it isn’t going to do anything. Writing to my congresscritters won’t either since they’re all GOP and eating the cilia in Trump’s large intestine right now. (I’ve tried. The response was regurgitated Trumpshit. That’s how I know they live in his bowels.) So I’ll have to find other ways to make my voice heard or at least be thorn in the side of the “Make American Terrible” crowd.

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