Thoughts while I mow

While I wait for the bumblebees to have their meal from the clover I unfortunately need to mow though to get at the tall blades of grass growing in their midst, I ponder:

Why isn’t there a way to kill only mosquitoes and biting flies in a yard and not bees? Or any pesticide that can target specific bugs and leave bees out of it? With all the DNA wizardry you’d think some scientists would have come up with such a thing. They’d be billionaires.

I love being outside but I am a major target for mosquitoes and even with the sprays on, I get eaten up. I prefer a more natural approach but when I go hiking I have to resort to DEET for tick repellent since I have chronic Lyme disease from an encounter back in 1995.

I hate the idea of spraying my yard just to be able to enjoy being out in it, but wearing repellents just to go out is repellent in and of itself too. But then, my dogs get a monthly parasite control which kills and repels fleas and mosquitoes and such. Why aren’t things made for humans? I’d use it. I’m sure a lot of people would, outdoorsy types who would love to not have to spray themselves down with chemicals every time they go out.

But back to the bees. Seriously scientists. Make something that kills the bugs but not the bees. I know it’s possible. It has to be.

And now back to the lawn. Looks like the bubbles have moved on.

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