2022, in a word

I don’t do resolutions. I believe that if a person feels they need to make a change in their life, they don’t need some arbitrary day to pick and start. Most people start out okay and then fall by the wayside. So I started doing the “One Word” to apply and strive for the entire year. A friend posted about it a few years ago, and I’ve kept up the practice.

This year’s word is MOVEMENT.

Surgery and physical/mental health issues kept me sedentary for most of 2021. I need to MOVE my body to regain some health and strength. I am also planning to actually MOVE; selling my entire household to go into an RV and go on the road to explore this country. These are steps I’m taking purely for me; perhaps for the first time in my life I am putting ME first.

I recognize that occasionally when trying to make things happens, you’ll take two steps forward and one step back. Obstacles abound when it comes to my plans, and what is that saying? “Life happens when you’re busy making other plans.” Well … as long as I continue on my forward motion, I’ll be able to deal with whatever gets tossed at me. Because I am MOVING on, moving up, moving forward.

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