Who is this Jax person?

I am a blue dot in a very red state. A New Yorker transplanted in Alabama. A 3° Alexandrian Witch in the Bible Belt. A Buddhist, yogi, tree-hugging dirt worshipper surrounded by evangelicals and southern Baptists. A liberal (although really rather moderate in contrast to some) in a sea of “conservatives”. EDIT as of 2020: Yeah…not very moderate anymore. I’m downright RADICAL motherfuckers. When I wrote this in 2016, I thought I was a good little liberal. I was a pissed off, blue dot in a red state. Now after all the bullshit, after learning how to be an ANTI-RACIST, an intersectional feminist and not just a white ally, I’ve learned to be a lot better. I’ve been arrested, thrown on the ground, had three policemen on my back, my cane taken from me and unable to breathe because I dared protect #BLACKLIVES. FUCK liberal thought. Fuck being nice. Fuck 12, especially Hoover, AL.

Pagan. Kinky. LGBTQIA 2020 edit: Ace. Thank you very much. (but don’t put me in a box because I love who I love and what they have in their pants doesn’t matter.) Ashkenazi Jew on both sides, Latinx. Feminist. Humanist. Animal advocate – especially for pit bulls. I rescue the dogs other people throw away.  Now I seem to take in senior chihuahuas. Who knew?

I have fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, trichotillomania, major depression disorder, and am a suicide survivor.  I’m on SS disability, which means I’m also one of those “throw away” people.

I used to be a very active public pagan but now…well…look where I am. I used to keep my mouth shut (well, not really) but then my country decided to have a collective circle jerk and I am pissed off. Congratulations, you woke the sleeping mama lion. Welcome to my blog, where I shall rail against the fascist establishment while I still have the freedom to do so. And talk about my crazy. Because hey…it’s my blog. I can do what I want!

2020 edit: #BlackLivesMatter #DefundthePolice #ReformthePolice #HospiceDogsMatter

2021 edit: Well, it’s not like things got better with the new President. The crazy conservative far-far-far right are still saying that it was a stolen election; black people are still killed far too often by police, and the police state is just getting worse in general. Feh. Fie on all of it. I’m gonna keep trying to be the loving person I am and stop being so angry all the time. #silverliningsgirl

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