We Survive, We Always Do

Last night, I started watching “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon again. Consider it “research” on how to survive the coming years; and not just the next four, as the ramifications of this election will linger on well past my lifetime. Combine our political climate with that of Brexit and the resurgence of populist stances in France, the alleged meddling of Russia in our election and so forth…it just seems as if a sort of refresher course in how to survive under fascism seems prudent.

Sure, it’s fiction but science fiction writers like Philip K. Dick are astoundingly prescient in so many ways. Either that, or society seems to catch up to them making science fiction into science fact. (Personally, I really wish we’d catch up to Roddenberry. The world presented by Star Trek is my version of a utopia — I want to live in a future like that. Please Scotty, beam me up. Find a fold in the time-space continuum. I’ll even battle the Borg.)

In the episodes I watched last night, Season 1 eps 6-7, one of the characters Frank Frink, a part-Jewish man who unsuccessfully hid his Jewish ancestry and so his sister and her children were killed, meets with another Jewish man and his children. This family still practices their religion, which is forbidden (they live in the Pacific States, held by the Japanese) and they hold a Mitzvah for Frank, reciting the Kaddish, which finally allows him to surrender to his grief. At some point, Mark tells Frank that he is raising his children Jewish in defiance of the laws, because (I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember it verbatim): This is who I am, this is who my ancestors were. You can’t live your life in fear. We were being murdered because we were less than human. We wrapped our weapons and buried them, vowing revenge, and ran. I’m raising my kids. Hitler, the Nazis…I don’t care how it looks. It won’t last. One thing about my people, we have a different sense of time. These may be dark years, but we’ll survive. We always do. You’ve just got to find something to hold onto. 

The bold part…that stuck with me. I’m not Jewish, not by religion. I wasn’t raised Jewish, I was raised Methodist. But on both sides of my family, I am of Ashkenazi descent. Both sides of my family have suffered as a results of WHO THEY ARE, because they were Jews. My mother’s paternal side: German Jews. My father’s paternal side: Russian Jews. The very idea that we survive, we always do rang out as if I was standing inside the Liberty Bell as it was struck.

Now the man was speaking about faith being what he holds onto. That’s not me. I have faith of a sort. But my Gods aren’t the kind that will comfort and protect me. I don’t have a book to look to for guidance or even a church/community to go to for words of wisdom. I’m the elder in some cases for many. I’m the one folks will often look to for comfort or guidance and shit, I got nothing right now. The High Priestess is just as angry and scared and utterly clueless as to how she’s going to manage to survive the coming storm, so yeah, I got nothing. Except a glimmer of hope from a reminder that came from a TV show that somewhere in my DNA is “we survive, we always do”.

It would probably be a lot more comforting if I knew the spiritual/religious rewards behind that survival. The “chosen people” and what that means but since I’m only ethnically Jewish but not a practicing Jew (nor do I plan to be – Yahweh hasn’t touched me but Lilith has…and I’m pretty sure Yahweh frowns upon that lol) it’s only my genetic makeup that will 1) cause me to continue to fight for survival and 2) be the reason that I HAVE to fight for survival should it come to the point where ethnic cleansing practices occur again. Because no matter how white I look, no matter how Gentile I can pass for…I have more than 50% Jewish blood. Plus you add in that whole “disabled, latinx, queer, pagan” thing going on.

These may be dark years, but we’ll survive. We always do. You’ve just got to find something to hold onto. 

Find something to hold onto. Whatever that may be for you … find it. Hold onto it. These are going to be some dark years, even if by some chance the election results are overturned and Trump ends up back under the rock he crawled out from under — his legions of white supremacist believers have been empowered and the fight against such darkness has just begun.



Puppet Mastery

I’m beginning to think that Trump truly is the puppet, the mouthpiece, the figurehead, the spokesmodel for a deeper darker director. It’s starting to make a horrible, terrifying sense now.

He’s always been more of a liberal-leaning guy in the first place; those of us from New York know this. He flip-flops all over the place, going with whatever view is most beneficial to him at the time but usually ends up leaning left-ish of center. Until recently, that is.

Let’s look at the evidence (oh, boy, I get to spout conspiracy theory like all those alt-right sites did to rile up the masses! How fun!):

  • Selects Pence as running mate. As anti-woman as you can get; anti-science; anti-environment; anti-LGBTQ equality; the list goes on…he’s pretty much evil personified if you feel that anyone but Christian cisgendered men should have any rights at all and the earth is worth trying to save.  http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/mike-pence-isnt-boring-hes-one-americas-most-extreme-governors
  • Appoints his children to be advisors on his transition team. No clear conflict of interest there, considering they will also be running Trump, Inc. Nope. There’s no historical precedent for despots installing their children in positions of power either. See: Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Papa Doc Duvalier, for a few examples.
  • New Chief Strategist is Stephen Bannon. The publisher of Breitbart and an avowed anti-Semite, white supremacist, anti-gay, anti-women, pro-violence against minorities, etc. ad nauseum.
  • Appoints lobbyists to transition team — and we all know that team usually ends up with positions in the administration. This is the guy who said lobbyists were part of what was wrong with Washington, right?

The list will continue to grow as the weeks go by. And so many of his supporters said we were worried for nothing, that we were just “libtards” and he was going to “Make America Great Again”. I watched the 60 Minutes Interview, and if I have the stomach (and enough Xanax) for it, I’ll rewatch it and compare the rhetoric to that of Hitler and Stalin.

America isn’t going to be great again. America is going to be something completely different from what it was, and soon enough the man/woman/group behind the curtain will be revealed. You’ve been had, Trump voters. Even if you aren’t one of those “deplorables” who only wanted change…well…you’re getting it. But not quite the way you wanted it.

Get ready to start wearing stars or triangles or living in camps or whatever the 21st century equivalent is. Because he was right about one thing: The election sure was rigged:  bought and paid for by something far, far worse than anything Hillary could ever have dreamed of in the worst nightmare of the most conservative white cisgendered racist male of means could dream of.