I Miss You

There is a hole in my heart That is shaped like you. I speak your name And the wind carries it, For there are no ears to hear. I smell around the house Searching for your scent, But it has disappeared. I think I hear your voice, But it’s just the neighbor And it reminds … More I Miss You

Holidays and Traditions

But I do have some wonderful memories of my childhood Christmases. One part stands out above the rest. When I was a child, I could never understand why my father always had to work late on Christmas Eve. It just wasn’t fair! Why did Daddy have to miss Christmas Eve every year? He missed Santa Claus bringing toys to us with the wagon every year!! … More Holidays and Traditions


It doesn’t always happen when you see your doctor, being validated. I’m not talking about your parking ticket here, I’m talking about being validated as a person, not just a diagnosis or a problem.  Even in the mental health arena, people don’t often feel as though they’re being truly listened to, especially in the American … More Validation

Three Years Later

  CW: suicide talk It’s been three years since my rebirthday and this is what I’ve learned: Today is the 3rd anniversary of my re-birth. My FB memories for this day are deactivated because I don’t want to remember what I said or did — but it’s still an important reminder to me to LIVE … More Three Years Later