2022, in a word

I don’t do resolutions. I believe that if a person feels they need to make a change in their life, they don’t need some arbitrary day to pick and start. Most people start out okay and then fall by the wayside. So I started doing the “One Word” to apply and strive for the entire … More 2022, in a word

Contentious Union Vote at Amazon Heads to a Count

The outcome of a vote at a warehouse in Alabama could have far-ranging implications for both the company and the labor movement. By Karen Weise and Michael CorkeryMarch 29, 2021, 3:00 a.m. ET SEATTLE — By the end of Monday, thousands of yellow envelopes mailed to a squat brick building in Birmingham, Ala., will hold the fate of one … More Contentious Union Vote at Amazon Heads to a Count

One Word ~An Intention for 2021

This past year, and the year before — I was out of balance. Teetering in one direction or the other. I have always walked a path of balance, trying to maintain it, keeping to the Middle Path, the Middle Pillar, neither walking in shadow or in light but in both and in neither. And somehow I’ve found myself wobbling into one or the other and am completely cockeyed. Every time I go out of balance, I course-correct. But I’ve come to realize as I’ve pondered — I haven’t. I’m way off course…I’m practically Columbus. … More One Word ~An Intention for 2021

Windows Update 2004. It’s like going back to the year 2004.

OK y’all. Lemme tell you about the HELL I’ve been through trying to work my way through this Windows Update to version 2004. The biggest thing about it? A whole new browser you won’t use: Microsoft Edge. It has utterly screwed up so many things on my three-month old laptop. I bought this with some … More Windows Update 2004. It’s like going back to the year 2004.

Turn the Page

When I was a kid I used to think that the world was a book being read by a God, (or maybe He was writing it) and when the day ended, He’d turned the page. I was raised Methodist so at the time, God was “He”. Now I’m pagan so God is “They, She, He, … More Turn the Page