I Miss You

There is a hole in my heart That is shaped like you. I speak your name And the wind carries it, For there are no ears to hear. I smell around the house Searching for your scent, But it has disappeared. I think I hear your voice, But it’s just the neighbor And it reminds … More I Miss You

Holidays and Traditions

But I do have some wonderful memories of my childhood Christmases. One part stands out above the rest. When I was a child, I could never understand why my father always had to work late on Christmas Eve. It just wasn’t fair! Why did Daddy have to miss Christmas Eve every year? He missed Santa Claus bringing toys to us with the wagon every year!! … More Holidays and Traditions

Clean Your Room

Today is cleaning day and I normally start my cleaning in the living room, but today I started in my bedroom. I needed to clear off my dresser, which had accumulated a lot of clutter — papers that needed to be tossed or filed, unmatched socks that never found their partner, broken bits and pieces … More Clean Your Room

Turn the Page

When I was a kid I used to think that the world was a book being read by a God, (or maybe He was writing it) and when the day ended, He’d turned the page. I was raised Methodist so at the time, God was “He”. Now I’m pagan so God is “They, She, He, … More Turn the Page

Write Here!

I really am just going to start writing here. REALLY. (Part of this is due to The Bloggess’ post, part of it is me.) I don’t know why I don’t do it, preferring to just post snippets on Facebook instead of truly writing out what’s going on in a format that might actually, I don’t … More Write Here!

Morning Battles

I lie on my side, cradling the fragile little being I love To protect her from the battle going on behind me. Listening to the noise, cringing as they clash Hoping they don’t hit me, or her. But if they come close, I’m here to protect her from harm My strong body will shield her. … More Morning Battles

Do to Live

I got out today. I forced myself past the pain. Past the desire to stay in bed and wallow. I pushed against it. The abyss beckoned, said, “Stay here. It’s more comfortable”. (Such a lie. It’s not easier to stay in the dark with you. That is the lie you tell me to make me a … More Do to Live